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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Always Evolving Dental World

I am a dental hygienist in Michigan. We are going through a really difficult time economically, it has greatly effected the dental field in numerous ways:
  • There are very few dental jobs available
  • Offices are struggling to keep patients, get new patients and fill schedules
  • Revenue for employees and employers has been on a down hill slide
  • Insurance companies are reducing coverage
I am fortunate to work in a great dental practice that has managed to thrive in these difficult times. We have implemented some great systems that have allowed us to practice dentistry in a way that we feel is best for our patients and ourselves.

I started in the dental field 12 years ago as a dental assistant, I have been a practicing RDH for 6 years now. I have worked in a lot of different dental settings and feel that I have a good understanding of the field and it possibilities.

Recently I have been talking to a lot of fellow hygienists, assistants, dentists and students and I have seen a great need for ideas- and it just so happens that I have a lot!

I will be posting different ideas on many different dental related topics:
  • how to make your resume stand out
  • how to make yourself more marketable
  • marketing ideas for your practice
  • how to better your recall system
  • and many more
If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas I would love to hear them

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My hope is that this assists in making your dental career more fulfilling, enjoyable and profitable!

1 comment:

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