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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Resumes can get your foot in the door, its important that your resume screams
"you want me!"

Its a tough job market out there, at least in Michigan- maybe in other states you have the pick of the litter but right now for Michigan hygienists its a battle and you really have to sell yourself.

Even when I am not actively seeking employment I keep my resume up to date. You never know when you may need it, and having it ready to go will make your life much easier should you or your employer decide it it time for a change. I also worry that if I don't add my new training or certifications to the resume I will forget to add them later.

Cover Letter: Make it good!
Tell a little bit about yourself, your philosophy on dentistry and your excitement about the possibility of introducing yourself in person

Delivery: If at all possible drop the resume off in person, make sure you look professional when you go to the office.
If you must fax or email the resume then I think a follow up call to make sure they received it is appropriate if they give a phone number.

This is a copy of my resume (click on "read more" below to see the resume)- I would be interested in any comments or suggestions that you have.
If you need some one to proof read your resume email it to and I will let take a look.

The Resume:  Sell yourself - you are great!!!


    Katie Hess    Registered Dental Hygienist/ Dental Assistant


                                                              1234 Toothridge  

                                                                              Wisdom Th, MI 44444

                                                                              (111) 123-2222


Qualifications Profile

Dedicated and patient focused dental hygienist, with proven strengths in patient care and team development.

> Exceptional capacity to multitask, manage numerous, often competing priorities
   with ease while fostering the provision of superior patient care.

> Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, superior accuracy in patient
               history, charting and other documentation.

Certifications and Proficiencies

          Certifications                       Proficiencies

Radiology                                           Prophy and polishing
RDH 2003                                          SCRP/ periodontal therapy
                                                            Periodontal Laser therapy
                                                            Ultrasonic Utilization
Dental Hygienist/  Licensed               Arestin placement
O.C.S. (2006)                                     Patient Education

CPR / AED American Red Cross       Chair side Assisting
2006 - 2011
                        Local Anesthesia Certified                             Equipment/ maintenance
                        6/06                                                                 instruments
                        Nitrous Oxide Certified                      Computer systems
                        6/06                                                       Dentech/ Dentrix

                        Diode Laser Certified                         Radiographs
                        12/10                                                   traditional

   Additional Training  
 LVA continuing education                                              
11/07, 7/08, 4/2010 (Proactive Perio)
                                                                          Impressions and fabrication bite
Member of Dr. VanDenburg‘s                               guards and bleach trays
Dental hygiene study club                                                                                           
                                                                            Intraoral cameras


Katie Hess                                                                                      page 2

Experience in other departments include:
            Front Desk                              Ordering supplies       
                        Filing                           Payroll
                        Scheduling                  Organizing Charitable events
                        Answering phones      Website contributions

Professional Experience

Rocdale Dentistry                                                               
Rocdale Mi
Dental Hygienist                                 2/2007 – present
            Dental Assistant                                  5/2003 – 12/2003

            Dr. Bice
            Goodford Mi
            Dental Hygienist/ Assistant                2001 – present (currently sub)

            Wrought and Zelaney                          6/2009 – present (occas. Saturday)
            Watertown Mi
            Dental Hygienist

RDB   Temp Agency                          2004 – 2007
Dental Hygienist/ Assistant

Metrodent Dental Center                1/2004 – 7/2005
Watertown Mi
Dental Assistant

            *Contact information for references available upon request

Additional Information

I have worked in numerous dental offices over the years and realize that each office is very different in what they expect from their employees. I am very adaptive in my treatment presentation/ overall contribution to the office. I have a lot of experience in practice building and improvement in areas such as marketing, customer service, and patient retention.

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