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Saturday, February 12, 2011


The resume is ready to go- now where to send it? The hunt is on...

For the time being, this is your job.
  • Dedicate time each day to searching for new postings, sending out resumes and networking.
  • Keep a log of your daily accomplishments
  • Try to minimize feeling overwhelmed or defeated, if you are doing a little each day you are making progress!

My favorite place to find job postings is in my local paper, after that I search the bigger papers followed by online searches.
More and more companies are taking to the Internet for ad placement.
The site that has produced the most results for me is - sign up to receive daily emails for new jobs in your area

Other websites to check:

Its also a good idea to post your info on -  Some offices are trying to contact hygienists that are already employed to see if they would be interested in a new position

Cold Call
  • Print out a  list of all the dental practices in your area
  • Set a goal for contacts a week- lets say five
  • Try to hand deliver these five resumes to different offices each week Although this method is often not the most enjoyable you never know if your resume may  arrive just as they are starting their search

Network, network, network
  • stay in contact with fellow hygienists- get word out that you are available
  • stay in contact with instructors from school
  • join local hygiene groups; study clubs, ADHA
  • form relationships with sales reps for dental companies- often times this is the first place an office looking for an employee will check
  • Sign up with a temp agency- this can keep a paycheck coming in for you as well as get your foot in the door at numerous offices and think of the networking possibilities

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  1. is also a great place to sign up for a FREE Job Seeker Account!


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