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Friday, March 11, 2011

The follow up

Sending a follow up "thank you" within 24 hours of your interview is a must!

You can send a card, letter or an email.

Personally I would opt for the email since it is the fastest and you can set it up so that you are notified when it is opened. In the past I have sent cards and felt unsure weather or not it  reached the office/ person it was intended for- email eliminates any doubt.
The other benefit of an email is that you can send a few without it seeming like overkill.
Send one to anyone that warrants it; the office manager, assistant,doctor... anyone that you had contact with. While in the office I try to get business cards from those I speak with so that I have their email addresses.

The purpose  of the follow up contact should be to reiterate your interest in the position, mention anything you forgot in the interview and to simply say "thank you" for their time. Keep the note, letter or email short and to the point. Have someone else proof read anything before you send it- grammatical errors are a BIG "no-no."

Sample follow up letters


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