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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Good Side of Calculus

As dental hygienists one of our biggest enemies is calculus.
We dedicate our lives to removing it, preventing it, and educating our patients on it.

But recently I discovered that it does have one good attribute...

The ability to form calculus may actually be a sign of good health- with the potential to cause problems if not managed correctly.

Recently I posted this question on Hygiene Town and this was the explanation that I got:

Have you ever noticed that people who form more calculus tend to have have less decay?

"In general think of calculus as having an alkaline etiology and decay related to acid.This is why the lower anteriors usually have the greatest amount of calculus. The lingual gland puts out an alkaline fluid. This is natures way of protecting the tiniest, most  fragile teeth in the mouth.

The people who get decay on the lower anteriors usually are those with a very acidic mouth who have depleted their alkaline mineral reserves via excess sugars and the strong acids of soda pop or candy.

To see how fast a person drinking soda amps up their depletion of minerals get some litmus paper and do the following experiment:

Take a neutral pH with nothing to eat or drink (including gum) 30 min prior. Take an oral pH optimal is 7.0 - 7.4 (similar to blood)-people with a pH of 6.0 or lower always have the most symptoms, diseases, take the most medications and have the most pain. Give the person a sip of soda pop and watch the pH change.
You would think that an acid drink would result in a more acidic mouth. NOT AT ALL, because the body has to protect the blood stream and its organs and tissue from strong acids it instantly pumps out huge amounts of alkaline minerals to neutralize this strong poison. The litmus paper turns deep purple.

This is how people eventually get weak and sick from consuming strong acid.

Soda has a pH  50,000 times more acidic then blood."
Dr. Elizabeth Walker

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