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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monitoring Hygiene Production

The idea of tracking production for dental hygienists is often met with resistance. It can be difficult as a health care professional to see that in addition to providing health related services for patients you are also an active participant in a business. If the business isn't producing a profit then at some point you won't be able to provide your services.

Tracking production provides usual information for numerous reasons, including:
  • No surprises:  you will know how the practice is doing financially
  • Keeps you on your toes:  extra motivation on those days when you feel a little lazy
  • Comparison: you can easily track stats year to year/ month to month (new pts, $, hours worked,etc...)

Below is an example of the excel sheet that I use:

I enter the following information:
  • Available hours                                             
  • Actual hours seeing patients
  • Total number  of patients seen
  • Number of new patients

The spread sheet calculates the following information daily and monthly:
  • Number of returning patients
  • Average hourly production
  • Adjusted average hourly production
  • Hours of open appointments
  • Daily possible production
  • Money lost

To request a copy of the above excel sheet contact me at

Check out this article for a more involved model of production monitoring


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