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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Once you set up your facebook page your main goal is to get fans- 
                                                     but how? 
Dental offices have are uniquely set up to promote themselves on facebook, 
you already have a loyal following of patients who "like" you-           
now you just have to get them to push a button.                                                                                                              Facebook has made the patient referral system a no brainer for your patients- 
now its up to you to get them involved online.

Promote your page in your office-MAKE IT EASY
  • Is your office Wi-Fi- can patients login to their accounts while in your waiting room?
  • iPADs- have a n iPAD in your waiting room- set the home screen as facebook,                                    ask patients to follow you

Utilize your patient base:
  • Do you gather emails? now is the time to use them- send out an email announcing  your                           new page- ask patients to follow you. 
  • Do a drawing for free whitening out of the patients  who do follow you
  • If you don't want to send out an email put a blurb about your facebook page on your                                    reminder cards.
  • Put a "like" button on your website

  • Quizzes, questions, polls, surveys, drawings, contests...                                                                                  You want your followers to comment- this is how there "friends" will see your info                                   (tips on running a promotion)
  • Personnel stories- Dr. Smith just got back from Ireland- post some pictures
  • CE updates- Dr. Jones just completed an advanced  course on dental implants
  • Charity work- our donated toothbrushes finally reached the children in Zimbabwe                      pictures if possible
  • Education- weekly intersting health/dental related tip
  • Cosmetic- before and after pictures-veneers ortho                                                                                   (don't forget to get a release signed for use of the pictures)
  • Congratulations- graduating class 2011, new baby Smith family
  • Patient Promotion- patient just opened a business, published a book
  •  FIll the schedule- last minute cancellation, first person to call and schedule ...
The possiblities are endless...

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