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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bone Grafting 101

This is a run down of some basic bone grafting information, terminology,codes, etc....


-Autogenous: patients own bone, usually taken from chin,ramus,tuberoristy,shavings of hip -used 3% of the time (best with membrane)
-Allograft: human cadaver bone- used 44% of the time (Zimmer) with membrane (Biohorizons)
-Alloplast: synthetic,ceramic,polymer, titianium... 33% (Kerr) no membrane- doesn't shrink but not good for implants
-Xenograft: cow bone 20% (Osteohealth)

-7953 Bone Replacement graft at time of extraction
-4266 or 4267, Membranes
-Plus extraction code and fee
-Some insurance companies pay for grafting and many do not

Bone requirements for conventional diameter implants with out grafting
-6mm in a facial- lingual dimension
-10 mm in a crestal-apical dimension
-1-2 mm or more from vital structures (sinus, IA canal, mental foramen)

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