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Friday, May 4, 2012

Colgate Connect 2012

May 1st-2nd I had the privilege of meeting with some of our industries most influential "online influencers"- according to Colgate.  We were invited by Colgate to consult with their marketing team as well as their research and design team on the needs of our fellow colleagues as well as dental consumers.

It was an amazing trip to New Jersey where Colgate's Technology center is located.

  •  We toured the facility and yes we now know how the toothpaste makes it into the tube 
  • A member of Google was part of our meeting and was full of information on ways to maximize your presence online and stand out in what she called a "party that never stops and is getting bigger everyday." (Information on both of these topics coming soon!)

Below are the guests of Colgate Connect and links to their sites:

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also visit The Endo Blog

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