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Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Trial of Sonicare AirFloss

I started my free trial of the Sonicare AirFloss on Wednesday of this week- I am on day number 3 and so far I am not impressed. I feel that it is similar to my water pik although requires more concentration because you have to push the button after you place it next to each tooth. I also don't like that I can feel the suck back after each burst of air.

I was excited and hopeful that I would fall in love with this product because I LOVE MY FLEXCARE. I held out hope even after we had  lunch with the representative from Sonicare who told us there isn't really any research to prove that it is effective or superior in any way because they didn't want to replace flossing (I took this as they are scared of a backlash from the dental community... remember the Listerine commercial).I did find some research information on their site click here. And then she said  "something is better then nothing" which is a true statement but not one that makes me want to send all of my patients running to the store to pick one up.

I have read a lot of reviews of people who are using the AirFloss and like it- I would be curious to see what your thoughts are on it. Sonicare is offering a free trial click here for more information. or you can call Sonicare at 1.800.676.SONIC (7664)


  1. The air flosser is the for the patient who WON'T FLOSS. Fill container w/ listerine and you get mechanical semi removal of debris w/ medicament delivered exactly where it needs to go. Much less messy than a waterpik - so many patients just won't use that either. This is for the picky patient who wants something neat that won't floss.

  2. Good advice! I just hope that dental products like these will be more innovative and less glitch.


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