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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What documents do I need for doing my taxes?

Every year my husband and I have our taxes prepared, for a few years we had someone who came to our house, the only downfall of this was she wasn't able to e-file for us. We started taking our taxes to someone who was able to e-file, the problem with this is we aren't in our house so with out fail most years it would take 2 appointments, the second appointment was to drop off the paperwork we had forgotten the first time and sign the finished documents.

Below is my list that has streamlined our tax appointment to one visit:


  • Social Security numbers and birth dates for you, your spouse and your dependants
  • Last years tax return and amount paid for preparing the return
  • Amount of State and local income tax paid last year
  • ALL w-2's, 1098,1099 or Schedule K-1
  • Records of mortgage interest,real estate and personal property tax
  • Closing documents (ex. HUD statement) for a home purchased in the year you are filing for
Income and Investments:
  • Income and expense records for work you performed not shown on W-2 or 1099
  • Records of other income and expenses (jury duty,gambling, alimony,rental etc.)
  • Purchase date and your total investment in any stocks or other property sold
  • Expenses related to your investment
Charitable Donations
  • Amounts donated to churches, schools or other organizations
  • Records of non cash donations
  • Record of miles driven for charitable purposes
Deductions and Expenses
  • Record of childcare and higher education costs
  • Record of miles driven for medical purposes and amounts paid for healthcare (insurance,doctors,dentists, hospitals, etc.)
  • Employment related expenses (travel, tools, uniforms, etc.)
  • Record of amount paid for vehicle registration
  • Record of HSA contributions, alimony paid, moving expenses and student loan interest paid

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