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Friday, April 26, 2013

Spreading the Word- How to Get More New Patients

For years we have known that word of mouth is the best referral source. In today's technological world "word of mouth" has evolved to key strokes, and the outreach is much more extensive. It has become more important then ever to get the "word" out online about the services that you offer in your dental practice and positive reviews and testimonials from your patients.
In addition to giving potential patients valuable feedback that will most likely effect their decision, this online activity can really help with your website SEO.

I have included a list of different sites you can direct your patients to asking them for a testimonial or just a few words of how you have helped them achieve dental health, get out of pain or let others know what a friendly, happy team you have.
Make sure that you check out the sites and establish a profile with pictures an accurate information.

Many of the sites have strict policies and will remove you from their system if you or your team members are found to be the ones leaving the reviews.

Ask patients who say they are happy with your services to leave feedback on one of the sites listed below. Consider offering an incentive such as a drawing for free whitening.

  •    (person must have a Facebook account)

   Scroll to recommendations on the Facebook page's timeline- find recommendation field

  •    (requires an account)

  •   (requires an account)

  •   (requires an account)

  •   (need an account or Facebook account)
  •   (no account needed)
  •  (no account needed)

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