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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ideas for Celebrating Birthdays In Dental Offices

I have always loved birthdays, I try to celebrate mine for the entire month!  My children are 3 and 7 and I make a really big deal out of their birthdays as well. As a rule I take my birthday off of work, I also take my kids birthdays off- I work full time and I feel that the least I can do is give them my undivided attention on their special day.

Most of my coworkers are a little less enthusiastic about birthdays- but thanks to my supportive bosses we have managed to pull off some pretty fantastic birthday celebrations.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate is with a Facebook post- I think its always nice to see how much other people appreciate you and to read their comments-

When one of our office administrators turned 50 we had to make sure EVERYONE knew- so we made huge signs for the doors entering the building and to put out by the road. She seemed to really appreciate all of the attention...

When one of our doctors and office manager turned 40 on the same day we decided to reflect back on their lives- our patients really loved looking at their pictures...

One of our doctors is turning 60 next year and I am hoping we can organize a little after work surprise party complete with a roast. One of my patients hired a professional comedian to roast her husband and I think this could be a lot of fun...for the right person.


If you have any birthday celebration ideas I would love to hear from you email me at

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