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Friday, April 8, 2016

Kicking the Habit at 3 Years Old

 I am a full time hygienist and the mom of two wonderful, totally different children.

Jackson is 7 and I would describe him as the worlds easiest child-from birth. (I do realize this could change but I am keeping my fingers crossed!) When Jackson was born I refused to let him have a pacifier or suck his thumb. I was determined to promote optimum jaw formation from day one- I fought a good fight and won!

I sucked my finger until I was in 2nd grade and as a result I have a narrow high vaulted palate,cross bite...headaches, neck pain... I also had huge tonsils and a few other issues that lead me down a path of occlusal related problems. If you aren't familiar with Myofunctional Therapy  its pretty interesting, I'll save this for another day but I really wanted to protect my kids from having the same problems I've had.

4 years later I delivered my daughter Kennedy. She is spunky and strong willed, determined, and a hand full- from birth. Maybe even during my pregnancy. This child wouldn't sleep- didn't want to be held. We had ultrasounds, changed formulas, gave gas drops- you name it we tried it. What made her happy? Her fingers... her fingers made her happy and quiet and she would sleep. So I happily let her suck not 1 but 2 fingers.
I would share pictures of my cute little girl and in almost every picture her fingers were in her mouth. Of course my dental friends were cringing inside- and truthfully I was dreading the day we would have to try to break this habit. I honestly could see her sucking those finger until she was 15, she is that determined.


I decided to try a product that I had heard of Mavala Stop- it tastes terrible. When I say terrible I mean the worst thing you have ever tasted, worse then the worse thing you have ever tasted. If you try this for your child DO NOT get it on your fingers- seriously DON'T!!

I put it on Kennedy's fingers after dinner, she kept forgetting and trying to suck her fingers and freaking out. When she went to bed the same thing happened. I had water for her to drink and the taste was so bad she got a little gaggy. The first night was a long night, she had a difficult time falling asleep and she would forget and again the horrific taste would cause her to need to drink a ton of water. We survived , the first night was the worst. There were times that I wished I could just wipe it off her fingers and we could all rest peacefully. Trust me its not an option,it doesn't wipe off!

In my world it was necessary that we let her develop this habit, but it was also necessary that we break the habit by the time she was 3 and a
                                                half. She may have hated it for a couple of nights but life long she will
                                                thank me.

You can purchase Mavala stop at Walgreens and on Amazon:
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