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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Billion Dollar Bully-YELP

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I received an email last week from someone (Kaylie) who found my blog and was hoping I would share her information with my readers. I receive emails from people multiple times a week requesting the same thing and rarely do I even consider what they are trying to promote. This was different- I couldn't wait to help her spread the word of her project-

Over the past 7 years I have developed a hate-hate relationship with Yelp

Incident #1: My first problem involved multiple listings for the dental office I work for. I contacted their company numerous times and then got our marketing company involved hoping they could make some progress in getting our information listed correctly on their site. After 3 weeks and no change I finally sat through their sales pitch and told the Yelp rep that I would "love to advertise with you but I dodn't feel comfortable because you are unable to fix this small issue". And like magic...hours later we were down to one accurate listing on their site.

Incident #2: We have 32 reviews (all 5 stars) but only 2 of them show up as recommended. Admittedly Yelp is not super popular in the midwest so most of these people have only ever written one review...and it was for us...because we are pretty freaking awesome (I'll save that info for another day ). However- how on earth did they filter out someone who has written 50 + reviews? I'll tell how- because we don't advertise with them! Again multiple discussions and vague explanations of how they filter reviews- but once I show interest in advertising, but identify my road block as this review not posting- magic happens and it shows up.

The film had a very successful kickstarter campaign and is getting ready to launch it's Indiegogo campaign. Please help spread the word so we can get this documentary fully funded and shed some light on this internet bully.


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